Thursday, 27 January 2011

Some pics from November

It's almost tradition that I spend the week of my birthday in Grasmere. I have been 2 years in a row and I am booked in again for this year. Not so many photo opportunities this year, but I did see some very early snow.

Yikes I got some cleaning up to do......

Yeah its been a while, I slacked off towards the end of the year in terms of updating this blog. Well no more!

So the next few photos are from September 2010. I spent a week in Wasdale. It rained a lot and I almost killed my parents by telling them there was a path on a route when there wasn't one. A few stream fordings later and they were fine,  I got so worried for the first time ever I considered phoning mountain rescue :P 

I really scared myself too descending Yewbarrow, I was on my own and in one of those situations where if i slipped i would be a goner with no one to assist me. Well I conquered the fear and made it down, but wow what a learning experience. 

 Thats what scared me !

 My ma and pa look happy here, this was one of the days where they hadn't forded across a swollen river :P