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Monday, 13 July 2009

Mam and Dad before and after !

Well Mam and Dad decided to join me on my little jaunt around Langdale Pikes. I don't think they realised it would be so long and so wet. Ah well I think they enjoyed it ........just :D

On the way home.......

On the way home from my Langdale adventure I quickly bagged Raven Crag near Thirlmere. Here's the pic ;)

Super mega weekend in Langdale part 2

Saturday was course day with Chris Boughay of Summit Journeys (

Not many pics of the course but it was as beautiful day, however I knew rain was on the way,I was expecting it to land on Saturday afternoon but it arrived during the night instead.

So Sunday was pretty much the same a Saturday night wet and windy, I was surprised I got any photos at all. The Langdale Pikes however are an awesome sight in any weather.

Super mega weekend in Langdale part 1

So I decided to do a navigation course in the lakes and instead just making it a day trip I turned it into a long weekend. So Friday came and I pitched my tent in the NT campsite in Langdale and began my assault on any nearby Wainwrights.

I bagged Lingmoor Fell on Friday and chilled out in the sun pretty much the rest of the day, saving my energy for my course on Saturday.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Grasmere Wanderings

Weather wasn't the greatest for photos but at least I didn't get rained on. Just a quick 4 hour bimble to Helm Crag and around Grasmere. I'm off on a Navigation course and some camping next week so hopefully I will get good weather for more pics .