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Monday, 15 June 2009

Dad meets Blencathra

So I decided rather than waste Sunday (mountainman senior was indisposed) that I would take my dad out for a scramble.
Off to the lakes to take on Blencathra via Halls Fell ridge. It was good fun, its a pretty easy route, more fun than Sharp Edge because the ridge is longer.
I don't think my Dad has tried any thing like that before and he had a great time. A good day all round :D

Monday, 1 June 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday !

What should have turned out to be an awesome walk, in awesome hills, in awesome weather was completely ruined by my right knee. Whenever I descend any steep hills at least one of my knees seems to cause me ridiculous amounts of pain.

Well I have booked my trip to the Doc's , so hopefully i can get to the bottom of it. I suspect tendons and some sort of over use injury. Well its really pissed me off as its ruined any shot at a walk in the near future or any cardio training in the gym :(

Well the walk was fun until my knee went here are some of the pics fingers crossed for next time!