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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Easter Wasdale Camp Trip

Well the plan had been to get tot he lakes on Thursday before the Good Friday rush and to camp in the NT campsite in Wasdale. Sadly when we arrived at the site they weren't allowing anyone who hadn't booked in. So we sought the alternative which was the campsite opposite the Wasdale Inn, this was little more than a field, and a cold water tap. This was almost music to my ears, although I do enjoy showers, roughing it meant if felt more like an adventure.
The Plan for the Easter weekend was just to get into the Hills around the Wasdale Valley and do as much as possible. The Weather wasn't great but it was still fun ! A lot of fun!

4 hours of constant rain on Friday meant that things got muddy, but it was no Glastonbury at least ;)

More snow than I was expecting.......BONUS!

Me somewhere on Great Gable

Rick on Great Gable

Descending Great Gable looking toward Styhead Tarn

Looking back up to the top of Great Gable
The plan on Good Friday was to walk down the length of Wast Water and then back across the the tops Via Whin Rigg and Illgill Head.
Scrambling across the screes on Wast Water

On the top looking toward Illgill Head, the weather had started to turn a bit nasty at this point.

Saturday's plan was to go up to Black Sail Pass and head towards Pillar.
The back of Kirk Fell with a bit of Great Gable on the far left.

On the way to Pillar looking into the Wasdale valley
The views on the way to Pillar should have been fantastic but the weather closed in. :(

The descent from Great Scoat Fell
Just my luck the weather got better the closer we got to the end of the walk. Typical !

On Sunday, the weather hadn't been as good as forecast so Rick and I decided to head home we had three really good days in the hills and some fun in the pub. It had been cold but fun. There will be more camping trips for sure :D

Fairfield Horseshoe 2010

Saturday 13th of March. 
Well this was really a bit of a training walk and a test to see how far my fitness has increased since 2008. The last time I did this route I was badly out of shape and had only been walking for about 3 months. The walk destroyed me, it took nearly 8 hours and it took me a week to recover. This time it was very different, it only took 5 hours 3 mins... ish. I felt fit and strong and only had a minor niggle from my left knee. 

Enjoyable this time rather than torture :P

Still plenty of snow about but not enough for axe and crampons :(

EEK! i have been slacking !

Well yes i have been slacking, not in terms of getting out in the hills but in terms of updating my blog.

Well over the next couple of days I'm going to clear the backlog!

Here it comes !