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Monday, 25 May 2009

Sunny Sunday in the lakes

Sunday = fun day :D

After a bit of dubious cloud to start with the sun finally arrived. At the start there was an interesting scramble up a waterfall, it was pretty clear once Jim and I started it that few people used the route as there were lots of bushes and gorse getting in our way. A few sheep bones hinted that there might have been a few fatalities on this one. Shame i got no pics of this effort, I think mountain man senior might have ;)
Anyways after the initial scratchy scramble it was fairly straight forward hill walking in sunny but slightly windy conditions. NICE !

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Adventure in Langdale

Sunday 3/05/09 - Jim and I were off again. I was after some more Wainwrights and Jim wants all the Nuttalls for some bizzare reason.....he does spend more time in the hills than me, so maybe I will develop his accelerated hill bagging lust in later life.

All sorts of weather, we had just encountered a heavy snow/sleet/hail shower prior to the photo with the nice blue sky was taken.....typical mountain/British spring it !

Easter weekend monster.......well for my legs it was!

Easter bank holiday weekend of this year (09) was great, weather was lush and so were the hills as you can see in the pics. My knees were a bit nackered! 2 routes over 2days, a total of 33.4km/20.7 miles and 13 Wainwrights in the bag.....sweet!


Panoramas are cool! I love them so expect to see a lot more of them. These were taken on a walk Jim and I did in 2007 that included Skidaw and few other Wainwrights.

2007 Blencathra.....where it all started !

This is where it started in 2007, I grossly underestimated my level of fitness and the severity of what I was about to undertake. I was a fool. Look at the result !

It was then I decided to hit the gym and the hills hard, and improve my fitness !

It was at this point that Jim took me under his wing and was to begin my transformation into a mountain man!