Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Adventure in Langdale

Sunday 3/05/09 - Jim and I were off again. I was after some more Wainwrights and Jim wants all the Nuttalls for some bizzare reason.....he does spend more time in the hills than me, so maybe I will develop his accelerated hill bagging lust in later life.

All sorts of weather, we had just encountered a heavy snow/sleet/hail shower prior to the photo with the nice blue sky was taken.....typical mountain/British spring weather....love it !


  1. Very picturesque photos give a nice feel of scope and depth. You should include more photos of the journey to give us a feeling of your epic ahcievement. It's almost an inspiration to get fit.

  2. Why the hell do i live somewhere that has no hills. God damn Buckinghamshire. We should still explore the moors down from my home town way.

  3. Yup I agree Tom,some Cornish exploration still needs to happen! We have only been talking about it for about 10 years :P