Monday, 9 November 2009

Anyone for pea soup ?

After being beaten back by the weather a couple of weeks ago in Patterdale I decided to return and finish off what I had started. The weather forecast said 60% if clear hill tops so I thought it would be an opportunity to bag some nice photos as well.

I headed up from the car park in Patterdale towards Beda head, well the weather looked as if it wasn't going to be good as promised. No gales or driving rain this time just low cloud mist and drizzle. Great photos weren't on the cards today.

As you can see visibility was low! Anyway a good test for the navigation skills I thought!

So getting to Beda Head was no problem, pretty clear paths there and back. My plan was to go up to Angle Tarn Pikes and poke around there for a bit of fun but in the mist I overshot by quite a bit .
Fortunately I had made a mental note that if I did overshoot I would end up at a wall near Satura crag. That's exactly what happened and once i had realised my mistake it was a case of reversing my route and heading back along the path until I eventually found the lake and the pikes.

When I did get to the bottom of the pikes I was rewarded with this brief moment of almost clear weather .

After this I stopped for some lunch and prowled around for a bit trying to get some more photos and then headed back for the car.

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