Sunday, 22 November 2009

The middle of a week to remember part 1

With Walla Crag in the bag, Saturday was a washout. No walking at all,I was not happy. However Sunday looked more promising as we were staying in Grasmere I decided that as Silver Howe was on the doorstep that was the next logical hill to drag the "folks" up.

This was our cottage in Grasmere for the week and very nice it was too !

Well the promising day didn't actually materialise and it ended up with a mix of persistent rain and low cloud. We soldiered on however there were no views from the top.

This was the view looking back at Grasmere.

This gives you an idea of how wet it was on the way back, all the paths turned into waterfalls and streams, good fun if you ask me, perhaps you shouldn't as ma and pa.

This is my mam doing the best yoda impression I have seen for a while !

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